Best Diet Dog Food

Our goal is to make dog food that is healthy, high in nutrition value and easily digestible. We strictly avoid the use of corn. In place of high-glycemic grains such as corn or wheat, Kennel Kitchen formulation contains a full complement of regional vegetables such as carrots, peas and sweet potato. While providing a limited amount of carbohydrates, vegetables provide important vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a natural and bioavailable form.

Majority of dog food brands contain corn as an ingredient. However the fact is that dogs are meat eaters and even their teeth demonstrate this. They have ripping canines and not grinding molars. Have you ever heard of a farmer having issues with dogs raiding their cornfields? No, what we might hear is a dog raiding a chicken farm for meat.

High Glycemic Index

Corn has a high glycemic index that results in corn metabolizing in dogs similar to sugar in humans. Feeding corn to dogs is like feeding a child food high
in corn syrup. The dog is not going to be as healthy and may have energy rushes, hyper activity and a hard time concentrating. High dosage of corn can reduce serotonin in the brain that is an important chemical that reduces stress and anxiety.


Corn in a dogs diet can cause many dog conditions such as allergies, joint swelling, bloat and there have been cases that the corn that is used in dog food is contaminated with aflatoxin (toxins from mold or fungi).


A dog’s body cannot digest corn easily. It is cheap filler, starch energy with little or no nutrition value.