Dogs play many roles in our lives--family member, friend, helper, defender and,from time to time, psychiatrist. Anyone who has ever felt the familiar warm heartbeat at their feet knows that canine friends offer pure unconditional loveand loyalty. Dog owners have a responsibility to take care of their canine friends and feed them healthy foods that will give them a longer life to care for you, his beloved master.

Our aim at Kennel Kitchen is to provide home-style cooked food that meets all the nutritional requirements of your dog and helps in feeding your dog with love. We at Kennel Kitchen tailor the dog food as per breed and size to provide optimum nutrition for your dog. By using fresh and premium ingredients we are able offer you a premium quality dog food that is highly nutritious and digestible. Please read our ingredients section for more information.

Kennel Kitchen products are free from preservatives and our preserved through technology used by Nasa for their astronauts. Please read our technology sectionfor more information.

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What Home food cannot provide

It seems some dog owners allow their dogs to eat the scraps from their own plates or home formulated diet as a meal but it isn't very healthy for your pet. If you feed your dog leftovers from your own meal or basic foods like egg, bread and milk, please be extra careful! Your dog requires a balanced meal that is specific to their age, breed/species and size, it’s not just about throwing together a bit of chicken and rice.

These products do not fulfill your dog’s nutritional requirement and can leave your fury friend unhealthy with low immunity. Ingredients that are generally found in table scraps such as Garlic and onion contain sulfoxides and disulfides that damage a dog's red blood cells and can cause anemia.

Yeast dough, which is the main ingredient in roti and chapatti’s, can cause problems in a dog If a dog swallows dough it can then rise in their stomach - causing discomfort and possibly even rupturing the stomach of intestines.

There are also spices and seasonings that can wreak havoc on your dog's bodily systems -- the gastrointestinal system, skin, coat and even the circulatory system.

Dogs really like meat, but it needs to be fed in correct proportions with a balance of chicken, lamb and fish, which table scraps or staple diet do not provide. There is also the risk of bones. Bones can cut a dog's insides or become lodged on the way through.

Bottom line: it's best to stick with scientifically formulated Kennel Kitchen dog food. We at Kennel Kitchen provide you with a home-style cooked dog food that is scientifically formulated with a balance of essential ingredients at the price of home prepared dog food.